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Ironman Distance – Olympic Distance – Sprint Distance

BR Triathlon Strength Training programs follow a very organised and well crafted 12-15 week periodisation model. You will be guided through a 3 to 4 step progression; mastering your fundamentals, followed by building strength & endurance before working on your absolute power. BR triathlon strength programs are developed by BR Head coach Joao Arteche and BR Head Strength and Conditioning coach Leonardo Constenaro.

Our ADVANCED program is created for athletes with a background in strength and conditioning and a solid body awareness level. The difficulty level will be entirely up to you as resistant and weight is individualised. In the advanced program we use complex movements for you to further develop muscular coordination, stability, core, overall strength and POWER to promote speed.

Prevent injury & Perform better with BR sport specific Strength Training programs. 


  • Video demos for all exercises 
  • Warm up and mobility sequences prior to each workout
  • Detailed instructions to equipment needed for each workout
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