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Welcome to BR Performance Swim Academy!

Dive into BR Swimming, where the joy of swimming meets expert guidance. Our tailored programs cater to every swimmer’s journey, ensuring a seamless transition from novice to mastery. 

BR Water Confidence Program:

Conquer the specific fears associated with open water, whether you’re a novice triathlete grappling with apprehensions or looking to overcome a lingering water phobia. Join us to transform discomfort into confidence and embrace the joy of the open water.

BR’s Development Program:

BR Learn to Swim: Embark on a four-stage adventure, building essential swimming skills and confidence.
BR Learn to Train: For those seeking more than just a swim, delve into performance and competition while refining your strokes.
BR Competitive Swim Squad (or Tri Squad): Fuel your desire to perform and compete at the highest level, whether in swimming or triathlon.
At BR Swimming, we guide your evolution in the water, offering a clear path to achieve your aquatic goals. Start your journey with us today!

Our Services

Swim Stoke Analysis

Private Sessions

Semi-Private Sessions

Group Classes

BR Water Confidence Program

Personalized coaching: 1-on-1

BR Coaches will ensure a relaxed atmosphere. Swimmer will learn through our 5 Step process to overcome aquaphobia, gaining water confidence and enjoyment. Progress at your pace, from acclimatization to complete immersion, without fixed session limits. Build trust with your dedicated coach, addressing fears and motivations.

Purpose of the program:

Overcome the emotional discomfort with the water and make the aspiring swimmer confident in the water, teaching him to enjoy the aquatic environment, in the swimming pool or sea or lake.

Step 1

Step 2

step 3

Step 4

step 5

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BR Learn to Swim Program: Dive into confidence with our structured swimming journey.

Purpose of the program:

Swimmers will learn all 4 swimming strokes, with the correct technique in every phase of the swimming (kicking, stroke, breathing).

Stage 1: Coach to Swimmer Ratio: 1:4
Discover the joy of floating (starfish), kick your way through excitement, and master the basics like push-offs and breathing techniques. As you progress, you’ll unleash the potential for freestyle swimming with lateral breathing.
Stage 2: Coach to Swimmer Ratio: 1:4
Immerse yourself in freestyle swimming with a kickboard, introducing the magic of single-arm strokes and other swimming styles. Feel the thrill of movement and breathe life into your aquatic adventure.
Stage 3: Coach to Swimmer Ratio: 1:6
Unleash your freestyle prowess without the aid of a kickboard. Dive into the nuances of arm movements, bilateral breathing, and the freedom of swimming without fins. Your journey to becoming a proficient swimmer starts here.
Stage 4:  Coach to Swimmer Ratio: 1:6
Perfect your front crawl, synchronize your backstroke, embrace the elegance of breaststroke, and get a taste of the butterfly. Refine your techniques, streamline your movements, and prepare to conquer the waters with confidence.
Achieve the milestone of swimming 50 meters in front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, and 25 meters in butterfly to graduate or advance to our “BR Learn to Train Program.”

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BR Learn to Train Program: Elevate your swimming skills to the next level and bridge the gap between “learning to swim” and joining our Competitive Squad!

Purpose of the program:

Unlock the secrets to training with our Competitive Squad, whether you’re a confident swimmer or an aspiring triathlete. Develop the skills, knowledge, and etiquette needed to thrive in competitive training sessions.

Program Targets:

  • swimming pool etiquette (swim properly in a lap swimming pool)
  • Be able to swim at least 400m crawl non stop
  • Proper use and knowledge of all swimming toys
  • Swim different paces/ speed and knowing the swimming training codes (aerobic / threshold/ Vo2max/ speed )
  • Tumble turn
  • Grab/track start (where the swimming pool allows)
  • Complete a 3000m (minimum) session (i think that it’s too long)
  • sculling

Get ready to conquer a 3000m session, showcasing your newfound prowess in the water. #LearnToTrain #CompetitiveSwimming.

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Private Swim Sessions:

Get personalized coaching tailored to your needs, ensuring a focused and effective swim experience.

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Semi-Private Swim Session: 

Dive into personalized coaching tailored to your needs, ensuring a focused and effective swim experience.

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Group Classes:

Immerse yourself in a dynamic aquatic community, where group energy and expert guidance elevate your swimming skills.

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Swim Stroke Analyses:

Uncover the secrets of your swim technique with in-depth Video analyses, unlocking opportunities for refinement and enhanced performance.

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