BR’s Physiologist and Strength & Conditioning coach.  Osmar Camelo, 41, has always been involved with sports (from gymnastics to rugby), but decided to make a living of it in his late 30’s. Passionate about performance and health, he decided to focus on S&C, endurance coaching and physiological testing. He is one of the many believers that coaching is a form of science as well as a form of art. Tests, data analysis, practice, lore, communication and psychology are key words for him.

Nowadays, he is a cycling enthusiast (road, gravel and MTB), runner, accidental triathlete and crossfit newbie.

  • Msc Physiology

  • Bsc in Physical Education

  • Running coach certified

  • Data analyst

  • Endurance Coach Physiology

  • Personal Training – Sports performance & General Fitness

  • Triathlon Coaching

  • Running Coaching

  • Cycling Coaching

  • Performance Testing

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