Welcome to BR Performance Studios, a premier strength and endurance center committed to enhancing the local fitness community and elevating athletic performance through cutting-edge sport science. Our facility is more than just a gym; it’s a hub of excellence owned and operated by a team of dedicated professionals and sports enthusiasts who intimately understand the needs of our clients and athletes.

Our vision: To create a healthier and happier society by inspiring and empowering individuals to embrace sports and fitness as a way of life.

Our mission: Our mission at BR Performance is to be the catalyst for positive change in our communities. We strive to achieve this by providing world-class training facilities, expert coaching, and innovative programs that cater to athletes of all levels. By fostering a culture of sportsmanship, inclusivity, and personal growth, we aim to transform lives and contribute to a healthier, happier society. Through sports, we aim to teach our youth important values such as teamwork, leadership, discipline, and resilience, which will serve them well beyond the field of play.

Established in 2016 to cater to high-performance athletes, BR has since evolved to cater to a diverse clientele seeking to achieve their fitness goals. Our comprehensive offerings include a wide range of programs for juniors to adults, personalized online performance coaching, specialized strength and conditioning sessions, and expert nutrition services. What sets us apart is our unique approach, guiding individuals on a defined path from amateur enthusiasts to professional athletes.

At the heart of the UAE’s endurance sport culture, BR has recently welcomed a new managing partner, a distinguished Saudi national team athlete. This partnership marks a significant step in our mission to ignite the passion for sports and fitness within Saudi communities. Collaborating with federations, coaching national teams, and aligning with Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision, we are committed to fostering grassroots programs that promote healthier and happier lives.

Join us at BR Performance Studios and embark on a transformative fitness journey where excellence knows no bounds.

Why Choose BR?



​We will build custom training programs focused on achieving your goals, around your lifestyle and availability.


All BR packages are  bespoke to ensure optimal use of your time.



We know: a training plan can be physically and mentally demanding. We ensure your training time is used for the best return in physical gains.

Fully dedicated & skilled trainers.


At BR we believe communication is integral to every program, for that reason every athlete has access to coach feedback on an unlimited basis.


We adjust your training plans according to your race schedule and make sure you peak at the right time.


At BR we believe communication is integral to every program, for that reason every athlete has access to coach feedback on an unlimited basis.

We're making peoplehealthier, happier &stronger. Join us!

We are confident that our staff and facility can help you to reach your fitness goals. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we’re here to help. After spending time in our facility and with our team we want our members to walk out of our doors after a workout and feel like they are a better version of themselves.

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