BR performance coaches recommend for all athletes; recreational and high performance to include a weekly mobility session into their training program. This will help athletes and fitness enthusiast minimize their risk of injury, see added performance benefits from their training program and maximize its benefits. 

Who doesn’t want to feel flexible, move better and reduce injuries? If you’re constantly in pain or feel aches around your body – then these videos are for you! Mobility focuses on moving the joints freely and easily to reduce injuries and perform better in everyday life and your preferred sport.



Our Full Body Mobility Sequence targets every part of the body from the head all the way down to the toes. This 30min video will guide you through a series of moves that will open your joints and make you feel less stiff. This is a great workout to complement into your training program to help reduce injuries during heavy training periods and during active rest days

Our Upper Body Mobility Sequence focuses on releasing and opening the spine, neck, and shoulders. Increases flexibility and improves posture. Whether you’re an athlete or just want to move better, this video is for you! Some of us train hard or sit down for periods of time. Naturally, our body stiffens up creating muscle knots around the neck and shoulders. This video will sort out any issues you may have around those areas.

Our Lower Body Mobility Sequence focuses on releasing the lower body specifically the hips, moving the joints in all directions to increase fluidity and mobility improving balance, posture and form. With heavy training and work demands, repetitive movements can cause our hips and legs to lock limiting our stride and general movements.   This video will help increase blood circulation to those areas, allowing you to move better and feel lighter.

For those with specific goals, who are looking for the most individualised program possible, we offer One on One Online Training.

This option gives you a program built from the ground up around you, and one-to-one access to a BR Performance coach.

If you are ready to sign up for One-on-One training, either in person or via our personalised training app giving you the flexibility to train around your schedule; contact us via the link below and set up your free consultation.

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