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Padel is a sport that requires a broad fitness regimen. Strength, speed, agility, flexibility and endurance are all athletic building blocks of a padel player. Born in the second half of the 90s, Padel is one of the most popular individual sports in recent years. This sport fascinates many professional athletes and many amateurs because its simplicity allows entertaining and amusing anyone who tries to play it even for the first time. Because it fascinates many people this sport offers some peculiarities that require proper athletic skills. Basic training foundations avoid the risks of injury.

BR performance coaches recommend for a specific strength program to be followed by players of all levels. Beginners to Professionals.


Our ADVANCED program is created for athletes with a background in strength and conditioning and a solid body awareness level. The difficulty level will be entirely up to you as resistant and weight is individualised. In the advanced program we use complex movements for you to further develop muscular coordination, stability, core, overall strength and POWER to promote speed.

Prevent injury & Perform better with BR sport specific Strength Training programs. 


  • Video demos for all exercises 
  • Warm up and mobility sequences prior to each workout
  • Detailed instructions to equipment needed for each workout
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